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All-Ages Special Offer!

£20.00 - On Sale

We've decided to create a special offer featuring our comics for readers of all ages! It's the best way to get kids into comics.

In 'The Beginner's Guide To Being Outside', Megan is a 14-year-old girl who lives in Manchester with her mum and stepdad. Like most teenagers she is entirely reliant upon technology, until a family trip to the Scottish highlands reconnects her with nature and helps her to find solace during a turbulent time in her home life.

'Maleficium' is the story of Huxley Leighton-Lomax; an aspiring wizard who should know better than to feed the dark forces that lurk in the corners of his home. Will Huxley know enough magic when it’s up to him to save the day?

In 'Parsley Girl: Carrots', join PG and her pals as they seek to save the day and themselves in Matthew Swan's all-new Parsley Girl adventure!

Rachael Smith’s follow up to the acclaimed House Party is a surreal and affecting coming-of-age tale that captures the wonder and vulnerability of youth. Both funny and sinister, familiar yet fantastical. You won’t soon forget The Rabbit.