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B. Mure's 'Ismyre Series' Deal!

  • B. Mure's 'Ismyre Series' Deal!
  • B. Mure's 'Ismyre Series' Deal!
  • B. Mure's 'Ismyre Series' Deal!
  • B. Mure's 'Ismyre Series' Deal!
  • B. Mure's 'Ismyre Series' Deal!
  • B. Mure's 'Ismyre Series' Deal!

Ismyre, Terrible Means, The Tower in the Sea, Methods of Dyeing and Disciples of the Soil all included in this great deal!

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About the Creator:
B. Mure is a comic artist and illustrator from Nottinghamshire, with a love of drawing animal people, fantasy worlds and exploring the human condition.

In the city of Ismyre, Ed the sculptor works as his widower neighbour sings strange melodies late into the night. He places the finished figurine and notices there is an empty space on the shelf where another one should be. Perplexed, he sleeps, whilst his neighbour continues to croon. Meanwhile, across the city, a government building explodes into a mess of plants and flowers...

Terrible Means:
In the city of Ismyre, something is stirring…
An aristocratic businessman reveals the latest must have: a pillar of crystals that when placed within a home allows for the creation of beautiful illusions and more powerful spells to be performed. At the same time, Henriett, a disgraced biological professor now studying botany in a town far away, feels the disquiet in the air as specimens she has studied for years begin inexplicably dying out.
On travelling to Ismyre, to warn the current Prime Minister and council of an imbalance within the world’s ecosystem and magic, she encounters a young magician called Emlyn who is there for a very different reason. Alongside a crew of ex-academics and inhabitants of smaller surrounding villages, Henriett and Emlyn work together to uncover the strange imbalance being created in the world.

The Tower in the Sea:
Off the coast of Ismyre, a group of illicit magicians have been gathering for years, schooling others in the ways of long forgotten divinations. From high up in this forbidden home, a young scholar keeps dreaming terrible visions and looks out across the ocean for answers...

Methods Of Dyeing:
In Ismyre, on the eve of his lecture, the renowned botanist and master dyer Professor Detlef is found dead in the university gardens. As the local constabulary begin their search for the culprit, a strange detective arrives from outside the city to help solve the crime. In a place where things are never as they seem, will Mary the university custodian be able to help the mysterious investigator uncover the truth?

Disciples of the Soil
When the Prime Minister announces a new rail line in Ismyre, there are protests: from the wizards, who are concerned about the country’s magic, from the naturalists, who fear the damage to the soil, plants, and animals, and from the Sisters of Our Lady Who Slumbers Under the Earth, who would prefer their giant serpent deity to rest peacefully.

As the railway proceeds, the worries of the wizards and the naturalists come to pass . . . and the earth has begun to shake. . . .

A new book in the creative, fantastical Ismyre series drawn in pencil and watercolor by Bristol-based creator B. Mure. Mure continues to expand the Ismyre universe, this time with a story of industry and ecology.