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Manly Boys & Comely Girls Double Pack by Gareth Brookes & Steven Tillotson


Manly Boys and Comely Girls, the acclaimed guides to modern existence by Gareth Brookes (The Black Project, The Land of My Heart Chokes on Its Own Abundance) and Steven Tillotson (Banal Pig, Untitled Ape's Epic Adventure), are now available to buy in a very special Double Pack for the bargain price of £7.00!

First self-published by the creators back in 2009, Manly Boys is a pastiche of boys’ comics from the dim and distant past, when all an English boy had to care about was playing cricket with his chums, and getting one up on Johnny Foreigner whenever possible.

It features advice on matters such as why ‘Self-Touching is Bad’ and ‘How to Tattoo Yourself’, as well as everything else a young boy needs to know. Although please don’t show it to any actual young boys.

The long awaited companion to Manly Boys, Comely Girls is the essential guide on how to be a lady, written by two men in their mid-thirties. We say again - essential.

So finally we can find out about ‘Great Women of History and Their Recipes’, ‘England’s Most Eligible Bachelors’ and answer the age old question - ‘What About Spinsterhood?’.

Truly, our nation's youth is saved!

Both are printed in A5 size across 32 pages with full colour covers, and come safely ensconced within a custom made protective sheath.