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Mimi and the Wolves Act 2: The Den


The second book in an epic tale of affairs, alliances, and friendships in a quest for power and self-discovery~ Mimi now spends most of her time with her new companions Ivy and Ergot, and becomes more intimately familiar with their lifestyle. Her friends in Hilly City are wary of her new relationship, owing to the general separation between the ritualistic, meat-eating wolves and the more civilized town-folk. Ceres' farm gets some much needed help, and as the full moon approaches, the wolves prepare for a special ceremony. What happens then? Find out!!
This edition is offset printed and perfect bound in the United States. 72 pages (including 4 illustrations not previously published) with matte color cover, 5.5"x8.4"
The contect is slightly PG-13~ some unkind language, violence, dark imagery, and mild sexual undertones.