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Reads Vol. 2 #4


Reads Volume 2 #4. 4 stories, in 4 parts over 4 issues, and now in full colour!

Featuring stories from Tim Bird, Luke J. Halsall, Ricky Miller, EdieOP and Owen D. Pomery, and with an incredible cover by Eleni Kalorkoti.

It’s time for the final instalment of the latest incarnation of Avery Hill’s anthology showcase, Reads!

To kick things off is another terrifying modern fairytale from EdieOP, featuring The Night-Time Ice Cream Man… you’ll never eat ice cream after midnight again...

Next up is the last part of Miller and Bird’s exploration of the life of Alfred Hitchcock and the History of Film; this instalment focuses on his ‘British Thriller Sextet’ and leaves him on the verge of his triumphs in Hollywood.

Owen Pomery delivers the final showdown between The Megatherium Club and their scientific rival Othneil Charles Marsh. It of course involves childish swearing and nudity.

Ending this issue is Halsall & Bird’s The Bullpen, a tale of professional betrayal featuring characters not at all based upon the three main architects of the Silver Age of comics.

All this comics goodness is wrapped up in another stunning cover by Eleni Kalorkoti; probably the greatest run of covers to grace any comics ever?! You decide!

36 full colour pages, US comic format.