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Metroland #4 By Ricky Miller & Jules Scheele


Issue 4 of 4. Double-Sized Final Issue!

Pop stars are dying, the world is coming to an end and everything seems to lead back to a forgotten seventies musician called David Bowie…

Yes, it’s the double-sized final issue of the first arc of Metroland! Ricky Miller and Jules Scheele’s twisting tale of music, friendship and a sadness that you just can’t explain.

As the rest of the band start to contemplate a future without Jessica Hill and Ricky Stardust, Kevin the Roadie continues his investigations into the mysterious record label that controls the world’s greatest musicians; bringing him into contact with the man who may hold the solution to the whole mystery.

Meanwhile, we go to work with Diana, Stardust’s struggles with his memory come to a head and we finally enter the place between worlds known only as Metroland…

All this plus the secret origin of Jessica Hill and a backup strip featuring art by Owen Pomery! It’ll be worth the wait, we promise.

52 pages