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Reads Vol. 2 #2


Reads Volume 2 #2. 4 stories, in 4 parts over 4 issues, and now in full colour!

Featuring stories from Tim Bird, Luke J. Halsall, Ricky Miller, EdieOP and Owen D. Pomery, and with a wonderful cover by Eleni Kalorkoti.

To kick off issue 2 we have Owen D. Pomery’s return to the characters from his hit comic, The Megatherium Club. ‘Bear With Me’ is the second in a series of standalone adventures pitting the club against their new nemesis, a rival scientist who looks like he might just beat our “heroes” at their own game...

In our second strip, Luke J. Halsall and Tim Bird’s The Bullpen continues. A story set in the offices of a comic book publishing company at the dawn of the Silver Age of comics. Similarities to certain publishing companies where the artists used to allegedly get regularly ripped off are ENTIRELY COINCIDENTAL. Or else it’s all done for purposes of satire, which we think makes it legal...

Our third strip is from EdieOP whose graphic novel Maleficium was recently published by us! You should totally check that out. In Muriel, she tells another tale of a misunderstood creature that just wants to have fun, with disastrous repercussions for all it encounters. Bless.

Wrapping things up is Hitchcock & Film by Mssrs. Ricky Miller and Tim Bird, as they continue their look at four different periods in the life of Alfred Hitchcock, alongside a whistle-stop history of the development of film during his lifetime for good measure! This instalment covers Hitchcock’s time as a director during ‘The Silent Age’.

And finally we have Eleni Kalorkoti's beautiful cover, this issue spotlighting Owen's cast of The Megatherium Club.

36 pages in full colour, US comic format.