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September Releases Special Offer

£50.00 - On Sale

All three of our releases coming out in September for a special price and including unique bookplates (plus maybe some other nice things that we work out nearer the time)!

Books ship w/c 24/09/18

Retrograde Orbit by Kristyna Baczynski
At the outer edge of the solar system, on the mining planet Tisa, Flint and her
mother live in the colony of Swift Springs. Displaced by a nuclear event, Flint’s
family settled in Swift Springs two generations ago to become miners. Soon Flint will be old enough to begin her apprenticeship at the refinery.
But is the home that her family has built for her enough, or will a mysterious,
irradiated planet pull her away from them? By following in their footsteps and
leaving to forge a new path, is she betraying her family, or honouring their legacy? Exploring notions of home and the desire to leave it, Kristyna Baczynski’s first
graphic novel is a story of relationships, of time and of the motion of the universe.
RRP £11.99, SC, 120pp, 9781910395424

Follow Me In by Katriona Chapman
Kat had no responsibilities and nothing to tie her down. But she had graduated university with no plans. She was an artist who hadn’t drawn in five years. She was lost.
What’s more, she’d been avoiding admitting to herself something that all of those around her knew; that her boyfriend, Richard, had some serious problems with alcohol.
Looking for a fresh start, the two of them quit their jobs and embarked on a journey to Mexico for what what they expected to be an adventure of a lifetime. It led to experiences that changed both of their lives and to Kat rediscovering a love of art, a lifelong attachment to Mexico and the strength to move on.
RRP £18.99, HC, 248pp, 9781910395387

On A Sunbeam by Tillie Walden
Walden began publishing her weekly webcomic On A Sunbeam in autumn 2016, reuniting her with Avery Hill’s Ricky Miller as editor. Described as a ‘queer space opera,’ it tells the story of Mia, from her life as a rebellious schoolgirl, to her time as part of the crew on the ship Aktis, out in the deepest reaches of space, rebuilding beautiful and broken down structures.
Part love story, part epic space adventure, and dealing with Tillie’s now signature themes of sexuality & gender, the individual in landscape, first love and awesome cats; On A Sunbeam is a masterpiece of modern comics and arguably Tillie’s greatest artistic statement so far.
“Every now and again, there’s a comic that will stop you dead in your tracks and consume your time until you take in every last page and dialogue bubble. That’s the case with Tillie Walden’s fantastic On A Sunbeam.” - Andrew Liptak, The Verge
RRP £24.99, HC, 455pp, 9781910395370